WHO’S in my bra and why – episode 1

let me start by saying, this is not the norm, by way of “crystal guides”.

I realize that there are very distinct properties to all stones, as is so carefully and plentifully documented in abundance these days. And while I respect and understand those all too well, I don’t live by them entirely.

Breathing life into my own intuition means that I trust my body to select what is needed when I need it and that if it finds a stone that is usually documented as “good for creativity”, as especially grounding in that specific moment, when that is what I require, I trust it.
Therefore, I may write things here that make you question if I am a complete numpty and have ever picked up or read a crystal guide at all…

The answer is yes, I have, I have studied all and any books and articles accessible to me since I was a little girl, thanks to my maternal Grandmother choosing Crystalology as a life passion when I was just a baby, and her always being willing to share. I’m patently aware which crystals are covalent, ionic, metallic, and molecular, and what their healing and metaphysical properties are for the most part. And when not, I seek the info in viable and trustworthy places.

I just choose to allow them to speak past the boxes humanity has placed them in, and share with me their unnamed power. 

I’ve chosen the nine I use the most. 

– Moving anticlockwise around the circle

cleavage cuddlers.

Labradorite (top center)

My antennae. – Connection.

When I am struggling to connect, to tune in or to even settle and go within myself(which is surprisingly often), Labradorite is like a tuning knob just finding the channel and frequency I need. I find that this soul needs cleansing often, and responds amazingly to Moonlight charging. Not a sun of being left in the sunlight for any length of time though.

Blue Lace Agate

My truth serum. – Communication

I began using and carrying this soul extensively in my teens, and then again when my rise to self began in my mid 30’s. It just allows me the power to speak my truth with grace. Doing so has been a long and tumultuous road for me. Often times when we are hurt we’d like to hand that hurt to others parceled in acid-filled words. This soul makes certain I wrap my words in love and respect before I deliver them. It is a daily essential and rests next to my bed at night too. Water cleaning daily is how we roll. 


release – Freedom

The first crystal I ever had the honor of fostering (I believe they are alive and have souls, and therefore cannot be owned, and as such, we are gifted time with them)I still have in my life. It was gifted me by my grandmother when I was five. A tumbled Amethyst that I still carry on me daily. (This particular one in the image is a cluster, and not suited to close wearing)

Perhaps my Grandmother’s intuition could sense my truth and this stone was gifted as the beginning of my journey to release and free myself of my childhood. Either way, Amethyst is for me a very powerful stone for release. This soul is a DEFINATE daily cleanse, as it has big work to do with me daily. Water, sound, and moonlight are where it seems most content for a cleanse. REALLY doesn’t love being in the sunlight.

Rose Quartz

Grounding – Firm footed

“OMG does she not know its the stone of love?!” I hear you mutter. Yup, I does. But as I have discovered in the last few years of my love. Love is the most grounding, solid, tangible and anchoring thing. It holds me tight, it protects me, it pulls me straight back down to a passionately fierce connection with mother Gais and it places me front and center in my own world. Where I belong.

Sound cleanse works best for her, again daily, as getting rooted is something I need assistance with often. My tether to this place is long, and I drift off easily. Yes, I said her. I don’t often get the feeling of gender from stones, but this specific one exudes feminine energy. She dances in the Moonlight and abhors being left in the sunlight.

Green Flourite

Breath – Flow

Open times I get so wrapped up in what I am doing, or perhaps a stage of evolution, a tough emotion of a period of stagnancy that it feels like I forget to breathe. Shallow breathing is all kinds of fuckery to a body and mind. Healthy breath flow is crucial for good living. Flourite keeps my flow of breath constant. Literally, like a breath of fresh air when held in my hand.

When worn close it seems to do it’s more recognized job and that is to tame chaotic energy. My head is a most often akin to a solar storm and flourite does a beautiful job of ironing out the spikes and pitches of thought and emotion and allowing for them to calm and the gamma waves to have a chance to work their magick. Definitely a lover of sound cleansing. The joy this soul excused when placed next to my singing bowl for morning meditation is tangible. 


Expression – Growth

Traditionally a stone of creativity. And that aspect is what allows Carnelian to help me with expression. Creativity has been tightly linked to how perfectly we can create or mimic something for most of humanity’s history. The perfect painting, the most articulate words, the most complex musical piece… This thinking is deeply restrictive and something that bound me tightly from childhood. Created a sense of worthlessness in me. Never being “creative enough” to be worthy of “gosh that is beautiful!”, Because it wasn’t to a T, exactly as accurate as it should be. Accuracy is science. Science is fact.

For me creativity is the magnificence that fills the spaces between science. And carnelian has helped me see that my off-key singing is still creative, it’s helped me see that my fumbled words and random thoughts are too. That a simple, colorful, passionately drawn jumble of colour presented to me by my babies is possibly even more magnificent than the reversed Sistine Chaple is…Because it doesn’t have to ON FORM to be creative, or incredible. Loves a good sit in a sun puddle for an hour. Revels in a smoke cleanse, Loves moon time and is very open to smoke cleanse too. Not a giant fan of a bath, but will allow me now and again.

White Agate

Deep healing – Soul Balm

This particular eggy stone was gifted me by one of my two very close friends, and perhaps it was the loving intent with which it was sent, or perhaps it’s it nurturing, womblike shape, but this little eggy stone exudes healing. It appears to want to morph to meet the need. I will grab it if I am anxious, or my vibration drops. I’ll hold it when fearful.

It’s my “grab me quick” when overwhelmed or deeply frustrated. And as it lives daily in my bra (when I wear one) it is a willing third breast. And the idea that I may look like a whelping Stone Troll makes my heart happy. It is for me, a stone of massive power. This stone also has deep feminine energy.

Goddess-like in fact. As if the soul of a magnificent woman dwells within. She is sun shy, adores Moon cleanses and daily takes sound and water cleanses with me.

Black Obsidian

Protection – My Armour

This is one of the few stones I tend that has full unbridled male energy. (this one in the image is androgynous, but the actual piece I carry about has a powerful male air to it. This guy does what he is fabled to. He is complete protection. When he is with me (which is pretty much always, bar shower/bath time, I have the feeling of a gentle, sizzling force field bubble around me.

The protection feels multifaceted with Black Obsidian for me. It protects that which come my way, and that which I put out. It helps me count my words, watch my energy and make certain I act from a place of love and respect, especially when paired with Rose Quartz and Blue Lace Agate. A VERY powerful team. He abhors sound baths. No idea why, but the feeling of anxiety that rises in me when I have tried, tell my intuition to stick to his preferred short Solar sessions and Moon baths for cleansing.

Clear Quartz

Jack of all trades – and master of all too

Clear quartz in any form, for me, is pure, delicious, interchangeable power. It’s the “white candle” of spell making, in stone form. It is always willing, always ready, and always magnificent to work with. This particular orb was a gift from my grandmother, and although it doesn’t fit in my bra (I have a smaller, sweet soul who does though) is never far from my hand. My love of orb stones is deep and long and the comfort they bring profound. This sometimes gentle, sometimes fiery soul is present for almost every ounce of spell work I do, and the energy it brings is always needed.

It’s Lunar bath devotee, often asking to be out on the windowsill, for every phase. Loves high vibrational sound baths, is happy to be near water, but not in it, and is sun shy (thankfully, because at its size, its a solid candidate for starting a fire). 

And so, THAT”S who’s in my bra and why!

I’ll be honest and say that even though I am not comfortable with the idea of capitalism and having more than we need, I am blessed to have a beautiful and extensive family of stones that have been gifted to me over many years, that I tend.

But, it’s also worth noting that I completely believe that what Mother Gaia has to offer is pure Magick and medicine, in whatever form it comes, and as such, I often use found stones (especially ones gifted to my by my children) in my Kraft, and find them to be deeply energized and bring a powerful magick with them too.

It’s honestly not necessary to have endless pretty, shiny goodies, to enable our Kraft.

It’s a given that the deeply powerful healers and witches that went before us didn’t say “hang on there deary, I just need to pop back to my cottage and grab my flourite egg before I can feel centered enough to deliver your baby sister!” in a hot moment, back in the 1600’s.

No. They made good with what they had at the time, and to be honest, I did for many years too when I practiced my Kraft unnoticed by those who shared spaces with me.

All of this to say, in time, will share more of my collection with you, shiny/known and random finds.. as these “who’s in my bra!?” articles are going to form a series, I’ll put out periodically.

I do hope you found this helpful

My heart to yours,

Blessed be Sweet Soul

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2 thoughts on “WHO’S in my bra and why – episode 1

  1. I’ve recently been curious about crystals. I guess you can say they’ve been calling me. I love this article, and your writing. Thank you for sharing!!!


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words and to adventure along with me Carla!

      Crystals are wonderful tools to help us connect with the power of mother earth and the Cosmos. Although my post was quite “off” on the accuracy front of what most of these stones are meant for in the mainstream opimion, I’m humbled that you found it enjoyable.

      And yes, they will “call” you when it’s time for sure!

      They can get to calling pretty loud if you ignore it 😉

      Again, thank you, and blessed be!

      Trace x

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