Prosperity salt – make your own

Before we get muddling:

I have used four herbs and one spice in my Prosperity Salt, and I’ll explain why I included each, below. Now is a good time to remind ya’ll that there IS NO WRONG OR RIGHT, in our own Kraft.

Just Magick, that is driven by intention.

**I use dried herbs for my salt. And it matters not one bit if it was harvested by you, at a specific auspicious hour of the night in a dark and eery glade somewhere wonderfully witchy, or if you picked it up in Isle 4 of your local supermarket unless YOU decide it matters. Mine, in fact, are a mix of both of these options currently.

You will need:

1. Basil: This baby is a BIG hitter when it comes to prosperity, and has been used in spells and rituals to promote prosperity for eons. Those juicy verdant green leaves just shout SUCCESS!

2. Bay Leaves: These guys go in almost every inch of magick I do. They are the ultimate protector for me. I like to feel that my prosperity is cared for and protected. FOR SURE. I adore their scent and Bay has also been used to boost luck, prosperity, specifically money attraction by almost every culture that has embraced herbal magick since tales were told. That’s a heritage I am keen to welcome into my sacred spaces.

3. Rosemary: Rosemary is a powerful herb. Cleansing, protection, focus bringing, and also, prosperity boosting. A welcome mix of properties for this salt.

4. Cinnamon: The only spice I use currently in my salt. Not only does it have powerful money attracting properties, but it also incredibly grounding. And to my mind, I’m not going to prosper unless I am FIRMLY planted on, and connected with Mother Gaia.

5. Salt: I use coarse Kosher or Himilayan salt, but your choice will fit your needs.

6. Pestle and mortar

7. 2 x Small, clean glass bottles. 

Let’s get muddlin stuff…

ok wait, let’s pause for a moment first. So is much said about working clockwise and anticlockwise for either banishment or welcoming of energy. 

I was taught this way:

Deosil-(clockwise in the Northern hemisphere, counterclockwise in the Southern hemisphere) to promote the workings of your spell.
Widdershins-(counterclockwise in the Northern hemisphere, clockwise in the Southern hemisphere)to banish/remove, undo.

Again, however, you work your craft is up to you.

*Beginner witches, the rule above is only to be used if you feel it fits your craft, but if you do decide to use it, the hemisphere in which you live, would make a difference, so aim to work with the direction suggested.

1. I begin by muddling the dry herbs and spice together in an anticlockwise direction. I focus deeply on my intention as I do.

INTENTION IS EVERYTHING! I WILL say this a zillion times. I will. 

Go as slowly or as quickly as you feel led to. I always allow my body to tune in with the magick I am creating. It’s a visceral experience for me.

I AM a part of the spell, and the energy I bring to it will feed into the resultant outcome, so always allow your body to lead with how it wants to participate.

THERE IS NO RIGHT AND WRONG, here, EVER. Imma say this a lot too. 

I like to snap the Cinnamon bark into tiny bits before I toss them in the pestle and mortar. But ground spice works just great too. I am a lover of rough and rugged things. Especially in my magick. But many folks prefer a smooth blend and a finer ground end result. Again, your choice.

2. Just before the herbs and spice are at a consistency you like, add the salt and keep going. I leave the salt to be added right near the ned, as I find it gets too fine while I am reducing the herbs.

Once you have a consistency that pleases you, and you are feeling all floaty from the AMAZING smell, it’s time to stop and bottle it. 

3. I bottle two ways. I bottle the more rugged salt for using in my spell work and for casting. And the much finer “dust/power” that is left at the bottom of the pestle, I keep in a separate small bottle. It works a treat to use to dress candles when I have carved sigils and runes into them. I work almost exclusively with white candles, so I am prone to dressing and anointing them for purpose, when a “colour’ may be required.

**I like to wrap my bottle in another whole bay leaf and tie it down, just to seal in the prosperity, but it’s not essential.

***Another thing I am doing is making really mini bottles of it, corking them, sealing them with wax, and blessing them to keep on a person, for ongoing prosperity during the day. In your relationships, communication, dealings, and life. 

All done!


ps. should you want to make your own BLACK SALT for ritual purposes, just click HERE to see how.

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