Single Card Readings


Single Card readings entail using a single card from the pack to look for clarity in a general sense, or about a specific area of your life or a specific question even.

The card can be selected from the entire pack, Major Arcana only, or Minor Arcana only (if a tarot deck is selected).

Please specify (whole deck) (major arcana) or (minor arcana) when going through the checkout in the comments section should you wish for a tarot deck to be used, it’s not necessary for Oracle decks.

*NOTE: Just to give you an idea of how long these reading last, they take about an half hour to read and type up feedback on. You will have an email returned to your inbox with your reading in it, within 48 hours of payment clearance. 

*PayPal available

** Please remember to choose the deck you’d like me to use in the comments section too.

Decks available are: Deviant Moon Tarot, DaVinci Enigma Tarot, Medieval Scapini Tarot, Whispers Of Healing Oracle, Nature’s Whispers Oracle, and Myths and Mermaids – Oracle of the Water

** There are other options available for more frequent one card readings with cost benefits to booking in advance. For Daily/Weekly/Monthly options, please see the “description” tab below.


A one card daily reading often brings focus and clarity for the 24 hours ahead.

Should you wish to book readings to come to your mail inbox, daily at 10 am there are a few options available to you cost-wise.

This option allows you to book and pay for them in advance weekly.

  • You can also book them a month in advance and pay only R40 per reading (R1200 a month) which saves you R300


  •  You can book and pay in advance for three months and pay only R35 per reading (R1050 a month – R3150 for three months) which saves you R1350

For either of these options, please CLICK HERE and fill in your details and I’ll get back to you if there are openings for daily readings. I currently have three slots open.