New Moon Tarot Reading – Six card IGNITION spread


New Moons are BEGINNINGS!

Fresh starts.

Portals to step through into new intentions, better ways and greater levels of being.

Sometimes it’s hard to settle enough to be able to read, hear and feel what the Universe is trying to tell us, and that makes setting intentions for the Moon cycle ahead really tough.

This sweet spread helps smooth the wrinkles of communication with Spirit and lets you see the way ahead more clearly to be able to set powerful intentions that will help you grow and uplift your life.

These are the questions I ask when I read for you:

1. Where am I right now?

2. What have I released/let go of to be here?

3. What gifts do I currently have to offer?

4. How best can I manifest and grow them?

5. What are the possible obstacles I can avoid/work through?

6. What unseen resources/assistance are available to me as I manifest in this cycle?


** Please remember to choose the deck you’d like me to use in the comments section too.

Decks available are: Medieval Scapini Tarot, Deviant Moon Tarot, DaVinci Enigma Tarot,