our words hold infinite power

I feel like harsh words damage more than a physical wound ever possibly could.

No beating, gash or break can measure up.

Because on the surface, we heal.

I did.

Beneath, for most, though, lies a world of unresolved pain.

All caused by words.

Written or spoken. They can never be unheard, unread or forgotten. They lie there, silent after their delivery. Waiting for the first sign that your spirit is dented or broken, and then, the surface. Welling through you the same way your tears do at most likely, that exact moment.

Because words have power.

Memories are hardly ever just visual. Think quickly at the last time your heart ached. There were words there. Exchanged. Perhaps not… but should have been. Even words unspoken can hurt. A look can speak a thousand words too.

Yet as I write more of these specific words, I am fascinated at how they placate my sadness, fill the empty spaces in my mind and heal the very wounds they cause.

Because words have power.

I wish deeply that I could package their very essence. And share the healing with those that hurt and show those who chose to use words to hurt, just how simply they crush another.

Because words have power.

Sometimes, “being honest” is just a way of sharing the hurt you are feeling. Offloading it so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.  Let go before you have to answer your own questions, and hurt yourself.

Because words have power.

If you turn them, they shine. Silvery droplets in our minds. Precious words that people say. Wishing you could hold them forever, like a well-trusted friend. Sadly drop to the floor and shatter with just one, spoken unkindly.

Because words have power.

Count your words. They are spells. For it’s not the number, not the volume at which they are delivered, but the energy and intent which they are delivered that makes or breaks the soul they touch.

Because words have power.

Touch a soul. With words. Touch it kindly.

Blessed Be Sweet souls,

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