Mythical Beasts – Bringing our Magick to life with FUN!

Yup. BAD gas. – and yes, my handwriting is NOT neat.

We’ve been playing a game!

It’s a cool game (well, we think so!) and it’s really helping my little guys to tune into their magick. Dead honestly, it’s been strengthening mine.

It started with me asking my guys to help me create a ” Mythical Beast” for the Legacy B.O.S colouring pages (read about them here) that I am creating.

So, with just a few parameters I had in put in place for them (see image above), they set off and drew the most divine beasts, that had us all sharing, laughing, and learning!

And honestly, that’s all I ever try to achieve with them. Any single moment as a parent could be a teachable one. But it doesn’t have to LOOK like a traditional one.

For us, learning isn’t linear.

It’s not done solely in books, at a desk with somebody telling you to be quiet, still, and sit up straight.

Most of the time in our little dwelling, it’s done with a host of beautiful and pages and books dotted about for inspiration and a zillion colouring pencils strewn over the rickety dining table, and some wonderful music playing.

Or it’s done with our hands deep in the soil in the garden, or staring up at the clouds, or up to our elbows in muffin batter or pie crust, breathing in the heady scents of my husband’s beautiful baking.

Learning looks like …well, life.

Because it is.

And so, learning, to me, also looks like Magick.

Because my life IS magickal.

Same same.

We all know that recently, life has taken a strange turn and with everything we know flipping on its head to help contain the spread of a virus, we are embracing change like never before.

It’s times like these where connecting can become very hard. Especially with our children. When stress is high and frustration gets in the way of patience, tolerance, connection, and play.

I’d like to help you find ways to PLAY.

To connect with both your own magick, and if a parent, your child’s. Mostly, for us, play brings laughter and joy.

And I’ve found that its the quickest way we learn. The more relaxed and receptive my wee men are, the easier the memories stay fast in their minds.

Most folks are not up for the extra effort of trying to create activities or focused interactions for their kids right now and that is perfectly understandable.

So the boys and I would like to invite you to play with us!

I will set a weekly outline (I don’t like the word, or even the concept of a “challenge”. It feels like it takes the joy from a situation, and makes it a chore, or a battle. If you look up its meaning, you’ll see why 😉

So, we like to call them:

Magical assignments!

(we are leaning hard towards a Harry Potter feel here folx!)

Annnnd, we would really love it if you’d play with us, and share!

** I totally get it if you’re not keen for your little people to be seen online, but posting their efforts, AND yours would be just wonderful!

Doing an activity WITH our kids is deeply special and important to them. So if you can put aside some time to draw and colour, as a focused activity, each week, it may just start a little tradition for you to carry forward as a way to connect over Magick.



Or how good it looks. Or how you light it when you take a pic to share.

NONE of that.

It’s about having a laugh and really experiencing the magick of a moment together, sharing each of your own magickal viewpoints. It can be as simple as a Pictionary sketch, or as complex as you choose to make it.

Mine, will be fairly complex, because I am to use them for my Legacy B.O.S colouring pages, but that is NOT any kind of measure of how anyone else’s will need to look.

Let your minds and hearts free and just PLAY!

Every Monday I will post the Assignment in my stories on IG. Look out for:


When you see the assignment, you just get stuck in, have a blast, and get ready to snap them and share them with us.

There’s just ONE other thing…. I won’t name the beast until AFTER each Assignment is closed (Sunday night, my time), so YOU need to name your own beast with a name you feel fits! It just adds to the fun. (actually, this part had me crying with laughter with my boys)

When you share, all you need to do is tag me on your post, or story and I will share with everyone through my own stories.

I’m aiming to allow for everyone’s creations to be shared, as it’s through my stories, so easier than many posts on a timeline, therefore, not just a few select shares. We all get an equal shot at sharing and having a laugh.

I really am SOOOO excited to get going.

And if you miss an assignment, I’ll save them to my Highlights for you to find. Otherwise, there will be another assignment each Monday! (My time, in South Africa)

Below, are the two majestic beasts that my boys created, from the assignment at the top of this post.

I invited them to include as many of the parameter points as they could. (numbers fell by the wayside, and that is TOTALLY ok) They were WAY too focused on the GAS, HAHAHA!

Knox (7)
Zac (5) – Note the Sun taking strain from the smell!

So, from our happy hearts and hands to yours,

Lets PLAY!



ps. See you Monday in Stories!

p.p.s. If you’d like to read about other ways to include or introduce your little folk to your kraft, I wrote a piece for WitchSwap, that you can read HERE

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