Krafty Parent – The Legacy of our Kraft.

I’ve gotten to thinking about my kraft. A lot. My meditation and devotional time has been flooded. And I am awash with the need to share.

Primarily, I have thought about how, even though I have learned through reading many books, and advice of others, it is still completely mine.

However, the history of my own learning often becomes blurry to me now, and I have many fragments of memories of “the first time” I learned a spell, or how my Nanna would teach me her ways, and how my Oma would share her knowledge of stones and herbs with me.

I just can’t see it all before me as I look back. Why wasn’t I disciplined enough to have kept notes or a book of shadows from all those years?

Some may have been.

All, and incredible power to them. But being dyslexic and on the autism spectrum had me shy away from wanting much to do with anything that looked like reading, writing, and formal learning. “Learning in the formal sense, felt like punishment” My Kraft wasn’t punishment, it was my safety.

I drew my experiences in crayon, I spoke my experiences (until they rattled folx and caused me issues and then went silent) and I then held my experiences inside. Where many of them have been filed in places I can no longer access.

Sadly, I was not this woman, or witch when my daughter was little, so have missed the mark with her and am at peace with that. We are finding ways to navigate our together path, as I watch her step boldly onto her maiden journey of womanhood.

I don’t want that for my boys. To have a Mama who couldn’t find her way to share who she is, and what she believes. And not because I want them to believe what I do. I want them to be who they need to be. Who they want to be.

But I do want to share enough of myself with them, to give them an idea if this may be a path they can tune into, and walk, or not.

History is story telling.

It was verbal at first, and once we learned to make our marks and imprint our truths on retainable surfaces, it became easier to weave the fabric of our tales.

Our legacy became clearer to those that followed, and our ancestors began being able to speak to us from beyond, by leaving the wisdoms they had gleaned, behind for us.

Long story short (lol… that’s not possible with me) I got to a point where I was thinking “Will my children know who I was as a witch when I am gone?” and “What teaching or legacy will I leave them when their memories may fail and they can’t ‘remember what mom used to say’?”

I realised that although I have a few small books of shadows knocking around, they are not ones that anyone could learn from fully, or as comprehensively as I would hope to share. Because I avoid the written word, by hand.

Because I speak better in pictures.

*Yes, I am aware that a BOS is a personal tome and that it’s not designed to be nor meant as a teaching tool. But, what if what I work on now, is the future of my legacy for those that come after?

What if the love and care I put into my BOS now IS meant to teach my sons, my daughter, perhaps their babies someday?

What if, my sons can drag out my BOS with their littles someday and sit with them on the floor, pouring through the carefully illustrated pages and teach them about herbs, about the Wheel of the Year, and we celebrate our Sabbats? What about which stones they could use in certain instances in their lives? Or about myriad other things that their Nanna Crone was deeply passionate about?

And, what if they could do it with their own BOS’s too? That had been with them since they were just little boys.

A lifetime of beautifully coloured pages and taped on leaves, treasures and fininding. A galary of their own drawings, thoughts, learnings and imaginations as they head to manhood and beyond?

So many what if’s!

So I just stopped them and began drawing.

And I’ll just keep drawing, and creating and sharing and helping both myself, my children and hopefully many, many other witchy parents, children, and families to share their legacies with each other, and with their loved ones.

Mama’s, what if you began their BOS from when they lived in the womb, and hand it to them the moment they can scribble their own love into its pages?

Papa’s? What a gift to share your love of your craft with your little ones, or perhaps, with your beautiful grandkids?

Aunties, Uncles, anyone really, this is a way to share your passion for your own path, in a very visual, and easily acceable way, with someone you love.

Either as an entire offering, created by you over time, or as something you begin for them, and they can add to, as you both share and learn.

So what am I doing here?

Well, Im hand illustrating pages for a BOS.

My BOSS. My boy’s BOS’s. Yours even perhaps.

*And yes, I know that many others already do this, but I am at peace with the fact that they won’t do it the way I do, and that there is enough room in the universe for us all to do our thing.

Each page will have an area that can be coloured in, some will come with simple, typed information ( a poem, rhyme or very simple wording, that, should you wish, you could add to), that can be read to small ones, or used to teach reading even. (The thought of learning to read FROM A MAGICAL BOOK!!! inspires my boys no end) And it becomes timeless, as it’s not done in an overly “babyish” way. *We never spoke in ‘baby speak’ to our small folk, we have just been as we are with them since they came earthside.

The topics I will be covering as I go are:

• The wheel of the year/Sabbats

• Astrology (Sun, Moon and Rising signs)

• Moon phases and how to use them in daily life

• Basic Herbiary

• Basic Crystal use

• Tarot as Emotions (Major Arcana)

• Mythical Beasts

• Basic Spellwork/Potions

• Simple Recipes

• Goddesses and Gods

• Mediation Practices

In time, this list will morph and grow, with our family Kraft. And if you feel compelled, you are welcome to share wishes and ideas you may like me to try. And yes it will take time to create these sheets and put them live for others to use, but if there is anything I am certain of in my life and Kraft, is that it is NOT A RACE.

Life can be so centered on how fast and furiously you can pump out your product, posts, info, etc. It’s become about being SEEN And validated in the most bizarre ways. To the point where it rattles me.

I am a solitary witch, for the most part, and on the rare occasion that I do rituals with others, across the planet, I am left wiped out for days after. So for me, this will not be about rushing to get it all done or to be seen as doing so, or following bizarre deadlines or placing pressure on this gift.

And yes, I see this idea and its execution as a gift to my own life.

It has come to me in deep meditation. In a time when I have allowed myself to be repeatedly reborn, again and again as I grow and morph into the witch and woman I need to be. There is no timeframe that can hold that, nor will I attempt to tame the wildness of these thoughts and ideas that come.

They will stay free and fluid. And I will stay open and grateful to them when they come.

* I’ll be so bold as to say, that if anyone is rushing to fill or finish a BOS, you may well be doing that for the wrong reasons… A BOS has a life of it’s own, it grows with your Kraft, slowly.

That said, I have completed the first two of these pages, and I am mailing them to my subscribers as a gift for Beltane/Samhain, should they wish to download and interact with them.

**If you wish to receive them, feel free to sign up (there is a sign up in the panel next to this blog post, or at the footer at the bottom, should you scroll down.

Soon, these two pages and those that follow will be loaded onto my shop, here on my site when each is completed, as I am allowing these gifts to assist our family in earning a more stable income, in these very uncertain times.

I WILL keep the cost of these downloads low, as I am hoping to share with as many as possible, whilst also supporting my clan.

*All I ask is that you respect my energy efforts and love for the Kraft and pay what is due, and should you wish to share, ask others to do the same, not send them your copies. Bootlegging is a thing. I get it. But I am asking with an open soul and heart that you don’t pass these on once downloaded, rather send the link and allow others to do the same, should they feel inspired to do so.

Families, helping and loving on other familiys. This is how webuild. This is how we create the world we long for.

This is how we BE THE CHANGE.

I’ll be updating the library of printable sheets as often as I create, and will alert folx through my instagram, and newsletter when I do. And as often as I can, I shall gift my subscribers these sheets too, as a gesture of thanks for your support.

I remain always, so deeply grateful and humbled for the interaction, responses and love I receive from you all. I am inspired and lifted by you daily!

Below, I’m placing the coloured versions of both the Beltane and Samhain printable sheets for you to see. Mine, and our boy’s versions. They may look intricate and beyond what kids may manage, but I have been bottomlessly surprised by how will and able our boys are, to work with more focused and intricate line art.

I have also created them, with a fair deal of the shadows and shading already done, as my youngest says that “mine looks so grown up, coz even when i just use one colour, it looks like its shaded in!”.

So, it’s a wee tool, to help boost confidence in their own skills, by making things look finished and have more depth, with minimal/reduced effort. Mama’s and Papas, we can play here any which way we want really 😉

Should you want to join in this fun, and start creating a legacy BOS or have your little’s create their own, sign up for my ~ WITCHY WISDOMS ~ Nwesletter and we can all get rolling!

If you do choose to use them, PLEASE tag me if you post images of you or your little folks beautiful work! It would make my heart souar to see it!

From my heart and hands, to yours

Trace x x x

Knox (age 7) Beltane Page (we will add the pressed treasures once Spiring rolls around again for us)
Knox (age 7) Samhain Page (yet to add his found treasures, when they come out of the flower press and once in his actual BOS)
Zac (age 5) Beltane page
Zac (age 5) Samhain Page
My own Beltane page
My own Samhain page, with some fall treasures pasted above. There are prompts on most pages to try something different, should you need extra inspiration.

*Should you be looking for other ways to connect and share your Kraft with your loved ones, I have an article on the WitchSwop site called “SIMPLE WAYS TO INTRODUCE YOUR KRAFT TO YOUR CHILDREN”. you can look at.

There will be lots more to come, in this vein, so sit tight and let’s have some fun together!

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5 thoughts on “Krafty Parent – The Legacy of our Kraft.

  1. This is so awesome my love. That our boys will both be able to document both their journey’s and have access to yours one day is fantastic. Because memories do fail and while photos are one way we can recapture the feelings and thoughts of that time, having a book of these things is so much more meaningful. I’m sad that I will never know my parents as intimately but so freakin’ chuffed that our will. Thank you, my love 😘 🖤

    1. Oh my love, thank you!

      I agree that it is sad that we won’t know our elders as closely, and as authentically as perhaps maybe we can share ourselves with our kids, but each move we make to shift the tides of difference in communication, accessibility, and respect, in both directions, between us and our littles, makes it all the more doable for them, should they choose to have kids.

      Each generation that can heal the gaps and teach more kindness, as one closer to a future I dream of daily. Open-Soul living. I’ll work at it daily, ’til I can no more.

      Thank you, my sweet Muggle Man, for walking this path with me. Not in slavish belief, but in support and respect, despite our views being different.

      My heart is yours, for each life we share, always.

  2. It’s perfect! And I can see how beautifully the boys interpret colours just as you do.

    1. Awww, thanks V, we are having such fun, and it’s awesome to know that we can share that with others! Thanks for reading this post and for taking time to comment, I really appreciate it, and you. x x x

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