I call bullshit

Let’s talk shit. Literally. Or figuratively really.

Does anyone ever wonder why two poor beasts were singled out as the purveyors of our disbelief? And not others?

Why the bull though, and how come horse?

Why are we all taken in by norms so?

Why not ‘that’s utter MANDARIN MONKEY SHT!!”

or Stop talking such Giraffe crap!

I’m so over norms, the usual…The “we should do things the way others do, or they won’t understand us, or they won’t accept us…”

I like to mix shit up and have some fun. Make up words, change things that are expected and just BE.

We are a family of relived movie and book lines, of totally made-up words and song lyric prophesies. We exist to twist, turn and remodel that which gives others comfort and the guard rails the need to stay safe in a world that DEMANDS sameness.

I’m a Witch lead by my heart entirely, My love is a phlegmatic agnostic who although functions mostly from his mind, lives and breathes deep emotion none-the-less, our one son lives on the autism spectrum (age 6) and has endless challenges reading and translating emotions, words, and life really…the youngest has anxiety and insomnia (age 5), but is highly intelligent and is three years ahead of his peers in his learning curve. My Teen (17) is in the throws of walking away to be an adult, while still clinging on with the little girl inside and the juxtapostition is fierce living right now.

Where is this “normal” you speak of society?

Where is this THING that should bring sense to all of things… the LIFE we live?

Where is the magick “heal all” that brings us all together like a bizarre sit-com so that we can be acceptable to others?

The simple answer is:


I’m not buying a concept so warped it defies all logic. And I mostly won’t be selling that snake oil to my kids.

How can a few billion individuals have a “normal”? How. When we are each so insanely different, as are our needs.

So we don’t aim for it. We don’t bother, try or strive for that in any manner or form.

We just POUR LOVE ON THAT SHIT and live as if each of us has a right to be seen, to be heard, to be held, supported, uplifted and loved in whatever manner fits their heart and soul.

We don’t try to curb our “USness” to make others comfortable. We do ALWAYS live with kindness and respect. For ourselves, and most certainly for others. And that will never change.

So yes, I call bullshit, on bullshit, and every other odd norm/word/action/tradition/custom we have fallen in line with when we didn’t know who we were or what we wanted from life.

I’m likely sounding like I have lost the plot. And you know, you’d be right. I don’t adhere to anyone else plot at all!

I didn’t lose society’s plot for me. I burned it. And buried the ashes out of respect for what no longer serves me.

Throw the gates open and LIVE. Throw them open and breathe life into who you are, who you could be and don’t allow anything to stand in the way of that.


Stay humble, stay grateful, stay kind, stay respectful and make certain that you’re not stepping in and believing someone else’s Mandarin Monkey shit as you go.

Blessed Be Sweet Souls

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