This ritual aids in letting go of that which no longer serves us. The physical and tangible act of committing something to paper is a powerful one. Burning it is a powerful release. 

Before we begin, remember


You will need:

writing implement
fire-safe bowl/receptacle/cauldron
Candle – any colour you feel you need, but white is perfect too. (Try to keep it small, as it should burn down completely.) * Birthday candles are great for short spell work.  

• Take time to get centered, having given your path to your intention some thought.• Light your candle and ask for it to light your way.

• Take a few deep, long, nourishing breaths and allow your body to feel and listen – your intuition speaks clearly and loudly when given space.
• Ask yourself:

“Am I firmly on my path to manifesting my intention?”

If so that is wonderful (you could use this ritual to release anything else in your life that is holding you back), if not, tune into your intuition and sense why.

*All the answers we want are there. The only way you may not be able to hear them, is if you are blocking or avoiding them. – Tough truth.

• Acknowledge and accept what message comes. Even if it is a hard one.

• It is time to ask for strength and guidance to let go of that which stands between you and full manifestation.

• Write down that which no longer serves you, or stands between you and your highest good on your piece of paper.

• Keep it simple, and manageable. This needs to be a very short list preferably, one item, that can get your full focus.

• Take time to look at, touch, hold and experience the words on the paper before you.

• Accept that the action of letting go of that which you have written down will carry you forward.

• Then fold the paper, sealing in your intent.

• Take time to ask for guidance and strength to follow through with the physical act of letting go, once the intention is set.

• Burn the paper, using the candle you have lit for this ritual.

• Give thanks for the guidance you have been given, and take a moment to watch the embers burn down to completion.

• Allow the candle to burn down safely, completely if you are able. If not, Extinguish it with thanks.

• Once the ashes are cool, collect them and bury them outside in the earth. Committing them to the earth and allowing the cycle of life to swallow them up. If you can, use your hands in the soil, not a spade, touching earth is very grounding and good for the soul.

• Accept that you have asked for change, and with the right energy and intention, it will come. Prepare for the change. Be kind to yourself and nurture and nourish as needed. 

So mote it be. 

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