BLACK SALT- MAke your own

Black salt assists in protection during both spell casting and ritual work.

I primarily use it to banish negative energy when working, and in my living environment, as well as move toxic folk along from my space.

I have had beautiful results with it.

I fully attribute our WILDY, unpleasant and destructive ex neighbors, leaving our area so peacefully (after causing massive upset there for a long while)to my regular and gentle intention filled application of black salt and the request for a peaceful exit, to their driveway.

** It can also be used for hexes and curses, but those are not areas I choose to share about. Should you wish to know more, the interwebs will assist.  

It’s simple to prepare, and very powerful. 

You will need
• a vessel/bottle to store it in
• coarse sea salt. White or pink is perfect
• ash from your own incense or pit fire
• if not your own ashes, then charcoal
• black pepper (whole corns)
• mortar and pestle/ something you can grind with

• First up I don’t believe there is a set way to make/create most things. Our Kraft is our own, and so this is how I do it. You do you, and put your own witchy spin on it.

• I never make it in large amounts, so the quantity is up to you. I work with about 1/4 cup of salt at a time (about 25g or 0.8 ounces) I keep all of my incense ash, as well as the ash from certain things I have used in ritual. Like bay leaves and paper from burning bowl rituals

 * be mindful though of what energy you add here. If your ritual was for the release of something you no longer need, you need to dispose of that ash properly, not add it to more of your magickal tools/salts.

• Combine all of your ashes, peppercorns ( you only need a few) and your salt and grind/mix them up. I like to leave mine quite rugged, and not overworked to a powder entirely. BUT, also like to use the powder to dust candles, should there be any.

Waste not, want not.

*A quick pause here. Much said about working clockwise and anticlockwise for either banishment or welcoming of energy. I was taught this way:

Deosil-(clockwise in the Northern hemisphere, counterclockwise in the Southern hemisphere) to promote the workings of your spell.
Widdershins-(counterclockwise in the Northern hemisphere, clockwise in the Southern hemisphere)to banish/remove, undo.

How you choose to work your craft is up to you though.

*Beginner witches, the rule above is only to be used if you feel it fits your Kraft, but if you do decide to use it, the hemisphere in which you live, would make a difference, so aim to work with the direction suggested.

• When in the moon cycle we do our magickal work has bearing on its outcome. I like to create my Black Salt when I am setting my intentions, with a New Moon. Again, you will need to create yours at a time that supports your needs and the energy you are wanting to imbue in it. 

• If your grind is fine, you might like to sift it, if not, bottle it without doing so.

• I always label anything I am keeping, so will put the date and moon phase on the label.

* my intention is always to use it in a gentle way, in which protection will be given or matters are resolved with a peaceful outcome for all. BUT, if that is not your intention, that is fine too.

Wishing you well in the use of your new tool.
May it bring you protection.

So mote it be.

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