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BLACK SALT- MAke your own

Black salt assists in protection during both spell casting and ritual work. I primarily use it to banish negative energy when working, and in my living environment, as well as move toxic folk along from my space. I have had beautiful results with it. I fully attribute our WILDY, unpleasant and destructive ex neighbors, leaving our […]

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This ritual aids in letting go of that which no longer serves us. The physical and tangible act of committing something to paper is a powerful one. Burning it is a powerful release.  Before we begin, remember INTENTION IS EVERYTHING. You will need: Paperwriting implementfire-safe bowl/receptacle/cauldronCandle – any colour you feel you need, but white […]

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I’m feeling greatly disconnected as I write this. But at the same time, completely engaged with where I am meant to be.  The disconnect is coming from needing to walk away again, from things that are no longer serving me. Things that are toxic. Things that do not feed into my path and nourish my […]

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our words hold infinite power

Words, and how we choose to use them, speak volumes of our healing. Of our journey, our willingness to carry our own truth, or offload it.

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5 beautiful ways to grow your intuition

It’s no small wonder that being connected to authentic ourselves and trusting our own minds and bodies is a scarcity. Self-loathing and doubt are the norm. Asking us to listen to ourselves is nothing short of terrifying, for most. But it’s there. Our inner voice. Our intuition lays in wait for our eventual opening to the truth of our path. Our gut feel is ready and waiting to kick in and guide us to our freedom, and all we need do is listen.

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5 little things that made a huge difference in my life.

5 little things… blah, blah, blah… you’ve seen it all before, I know. I’m someone who has eye-rolled so spectacularly at the “Habits of Highly Successful People”, book covers, it a wonder my eyes will ever see straight again. Thing is, we all have our way. Rituals (habits) we reenact daily to get us to […]

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3 simple self-love rituals

It’s been a CRACKER of a year. I personally have found it a really challenging one in which change was immense, and I have found myself reframing my entire existence on sometimes a bi-daily basis. Ok, that’s a tad dramatic. But it’s been REAL. So, in the name of coming back to center, allowing ourselves […]

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What’s in a name? Why “Four Crows in a Row”?

I have a deep love for crows. Since as long as I can remember they have been an indicator of pure magick for me. As the ideas for this adventure (Four Crows in a Row) have come together, my sightings of crows have increased exponentially. Just recently, I was sitting on our back stairs, with […]

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Which Witch is Which?

I’ve been asked so many times “which witch is which?” by folks who don’t understand much about my life path, and my answer is always the same. On the outside, to those who don’t understand, it doesn’t really matter so much what ‘kind’ of witch you are, just that you ARE. Witches exist. We are […]

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