Welcome to my humble space.

What is “open-soul living?

Well, simply put, it’s my desire to live my soul’s purpose as authentically and consciously as I can, while still retaining balance in a modern, fairly swiftly paced life, with a large family, business responsibilities and the same day to day challenges most folx face.

I’ll be honest, witching comfortably and with a level of authenticity I felt within myself, within a functional family didn’t flow naturally from the getgo, but the further I step into my power, and my person, the more it just becomes how we live, versus “how should/could/might/uhhhmmm, am I doing this right? OMG I’m totally cocking this aren’t i?”

Thing is, society doesn’t make a whole bunch of room for anything that isn’t “mainstream” or “the norm”. And although the Kraft is experiencing a firm resurgence in the last few years, and young folx are seeking more from the Universe than what they have been told is von offer, it’s not yet reached a point where you can google “how do I introduce my kids to my Kraft?” or ” How do I chat to my non-witchy partner about my intention to follow that path?” and get a heap of feedback, or a multitude of opinions or options.

That’s where I felt I may have something to offer other Witches.

Sure, I can share my tarot, salts, candle magick, learning about deities, herbs, stones, and vibrational energy and more with you, and will. But the part where I found gentle, respectful and loving ways to show my kin my path, without forcing them onto it, that’s where I think some of my most powerful Magick lies.

My ability and will to:


No matter the situation.

This outlook has caused a turning point in my own existence, and I hope, in sharing this journey, may ease yours, and your loved one’s path with you.

Being a Witch isn’t a phase, a fad, a game or something I’ve embraced to be cool. I’ve lived the antithesis of this since I was a young girl, and as such, I have deep empathy for anyone looking to create a loving, nurturing environment in which to practice their Kraft, with the support, understanding, and acceptance of their most beloved, and those beyond that safe space.

For many witches, the path to Kraft is a tough one. And will remain so unless they can find ways to educate and inform those around them, that our path is not to be feared, or to be shunned. In my heart, I truly believe this can never be achieved by force, with anger, or rebellion. Meeting fear and rebuttal with more fear and defensive behavior (all fear-based mindsets) will only fuel its fire.

Hence I have found that the quickest way to extinguish those flames is:


It may not always be the complete solution (although, I’ve found that it actually is), but it’s a damn fine start point to finding a way forward that involves respect and empathy.

A little about me:

My name is Tracey. I’m an intuitive Witch from South Africa, with claircognizance. I have read tarot for more than twenty years for querents now. I resonate strongly with this style of divination, although I enjoy so many others too. Sharing these gifts with the world is so incredibly special and I am humbled to be a conduit for the messages sent through me.

I am also an artist, maker, and creator and writer. When not creating or reading tarot and working on my Self-Love book and online course, (be)coming HOME, I am a home educating Mama of three magnificent, diverse and inspiring young beings and wife to a truly beautiful and incredible soul, wrapped in the man I adore.

Why the crows though?

I have a deep love for crows. Ever since I was a little girl.

A chance meeting with a big old crow and his three friends kick-started an adventure that is played out through these pages and Four Crows in a Row IG. If you’d like to read more about how that came to be, you can read about it here

I’d love it so if you’d pull up a wonderfully tattered, incense infused, old cushion and take your time reading through the ~WITCHY WISDOMS~ articles.

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Thank you for stopping by, it’s been so good to have you here. I do hope I’ll see you again soon.

My heart to yours,

Blessed Be, Sweet Soul,


do it x x x

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  1. Words cannot express how deeply this has touched me Tracey. You know how much I love & respect you (and your kraft) But I want to take a moment here to talk about how inspiring your journey has been to watch. I’ve been – I’m not even going to sugarcoat it – disheartened by the seemingly purely capitalist “witches” flooding our community over on IG. This, your new venture – makes me feel like I have I actually have a safe space to go, to seek answers, ask for guidance. And this – what you are doing so selflessly & from the bottom of your heart – is what is going to change that community for the better. As long as I’ve known you, it’s always been “pour love on that shit,” and you have never shown otherwise. Your honesty, artistry & LOVE for your fellow witch is magnificent. Just like you. I love you sister – and wish you nothing but the best on this new journey you are on!!! Keep inspiring, keep creating and KEEP POURING LOVE ON THAT SHIT TRACE!!! And now I will go post a version of this on IG cause, you know, algorithm 😂

    1. Oh Kelsey, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

      Your words have touched me so, and to be quite frank I have deeply felt the same undertone of hollow capitalism in all I see right now, not just our community of witches, and so I will just continue in the best way I know how to POUR LOVE ON THAT SHIT and treat everyone I encounter with as much love, kindness and respect as I can because I cannot begin to hope to be a better being, if I am not living it daily, in all I do.

      My beautiful husband has a wonderful ethos he lives by – be better everywhere. And for me, that’s open-soul living. Share, give where you can, stay humble, be honest, don’t take advantage of people, live in deep gratitude and most importantly, love and respect yourself. Because that automatically makes you capable of doing it authentically for, and with others.

      Thank you again for your beautiful words, and for the encouragement, I truly appreciate it.

      From my heart to yours, much love,


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