3 REALLY simple ways to get grounded FAST.

1. Breathe!

Yes, your own breath is a way to ground yourself.

– We always have all we need folx.-

It’s an exercise that’s easy to do absolutely anywhere and requires nothing more than your concentration for a minute, or two.

When we feel stressed, we shallow breathe. That limits oxygen to both our body AND our brain. Making any situation MUCH more difficult than it needs to be.

Here’s how:
1. Stop for just a moment. Take one long breath in, feeling your lungs expand to capacity.
2. Hold it for the count of three.
3. Exhale slowly but firmly, pushing every inch of the air out.
4. Now, with your second inhale, go slower. Try to count to eight.
5. Hold for the count of 5
6. exhale to the count of eight. 
7. Repeat at least twice more. You may notice you get goosebumps, as your body is nourished with all the beautiful oxygen-rich blood. 

* If you feel light-headed, you are trying a tad too hard. Chill. It’s not a competition. 

 ** A fun extra witchy thing I like to do is to turn the breathwork into a small spell. And welcome good energy and prosperity/abundance for the moment I am looking to overcome in, on the inhale. I can literally feel the magick tingling through me when I hold for the count of 5. And the exhale, I banish what is stressing me. Essentially, I am giving my worried mind something constructive to focus on, other than my worries too. (Personally, I just LOVE spellwork that involves getting the tingles!

2. Give Gaia a hug!

1. Literally. GET OUTSIDE!
*Be barefoot if possible (not happening in winter, of course, but try whenever possible) 
2. Touch something living. Lay on the grass if you can. The more of you touching the ground the better. 
3. Stand in a puddle barefoot.
4. Hold/hug a tree.
5. Stand in the rain.
6. Sit on a boulder and do the breathing exercise I just shared. 

You get the picture…

*What we do when we connect with Gaia, is literally ground ourselves, and exchange energy. She is able to earth us and absorb from us what is not needed and we are able to recharge.

We oftentimes lead lives that keep us in airconditioned spaces under neon lights. And while that’s great for the fresh produce in a grocery store, it truly is NOT for a human being. We need to be outside, experiencing the elements and reveling in Gaia’s bounty.

Even for a moment or two.

You are just looking to diffuse heavy or bad energy build up guys, it need not be a half-day hike.

* I was aiming here, at the folks who “just don’t have time” (I was one, I see you)…If you don’t have time to breathe properly or ground yourself. I am tempted to ask if you have any self-love at all? Because I for SURE didn’t when I was too busy working… to LIVE. I existed. And it sucked.

3. Use the elements!

Fire, water, air or earth. All of these will be grounding to you.

1. Meditate with a candle and focus on the flame.
2. Swim, bath, shower. Even running water over your hands at work helps. 
3. Drive with your window down and the wind in your hair. *Preferably singing along LOUDLY to your favorite track!
4. Crystals/stones. Whatever works for you here is the best. They are earth gifts of goodness that can ground you really fast.

My favorite grounding stones regularly stuffed in my bra are: Red Jasper, Smokey quartz, black obsidian, kyanite, and hematite. 
** That said, use what feels good to you, always!

Blessed Be Sweet souls,

From my heart to yours

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